Some women become ‘stressed out’ sewing on a button! As a small child, I recall sitting on my mother’s lap while she sat at her sewing machine, making garments
for one of her nine children. And now 50 plus years later, I sometimes put a grandchild on my lap while sewing. Sewing is my creative outlet, and sometimes
my ‘sanity’ break! Sewing for me is a rewarding, fulfilling and challenging
artistic endeavor.

To earn money while the children were small, I sewed for a local dry-cleaner,
doing alterations and repairs. The sewing business for alterations was my
‘bread and butter’, but the dolls and stuffed animals were my ‘dessert’! All
three of my daughters were involved in 4-H and were taught sewing. Now if
you are looking for a rewarding challenge, become a 4-H project leader!  I still
get a warm fuzzy feeling when I recall one youngster that I taught to sew.
She came dancing across the floor with a smile as big as Texas waving her
Blue Ribbon and Best of Show Award! Five years later, she invited me to
her graduation, and her mother commented about how that sewing project
had been the turn-around in her daughter’s self-image and confidence.

Our three girls are all grown up and on their own. When they were toddlers,
they loved to sort through my button box. You may see photos of some of the grandchildren with items I have made…uh, the children are not for sale! I love
them all to pieces!  Now, my most vocal critic is my dog Charlie: if he barks
and growls at a finished doll or animal, it’s a winner! (See the beagle on my Stuffed Animals page for proof! Charlie wanted the beagle to play ball, and kept pushing it closer to the stuffed dog! Funny!!! And he sniffed and growled at the Rhino too!)

I drive school bus; crochet doilies, Christmas ornaments, and afghans; love to cook
and bake, garden and spend time with my family. I think the most fun I have is sewing something new! I think what I’m working on now (it’s a surprise!) will be perfect for you! Please come back and visit soon.